Our Business

Southampton (UK) – Photo by Andrew Sassoli Walker

DP World is a global operator of container and marine terminals. With a network of more than 60 terminals spanning six continents, DP World is one of the largest and most geographically diversified container terminal operators in the world. It has a global capacity of 70 million TEU and handled over 56 million TEU across its global portfolio during 2012. In 2012, DP World generated revenues of $3,121 million and EBITDA of $1,407 million.

Yantai (China) - Photo by Li Bo

DP World aims to enhance the supply chain efficiency of its customers by effectively handling container, bulk and general cargo across its network. It also manages cruise terminals in the UAE and Argentina. Its dedicated, experienced and professional team serves customers in some of the most dynamic economies around the world.

DP World operates its portfolio of container terminals through long-term concession agreements entered into with the owner of each port and with an average concession across the Group of approximately 40 years. DP World’s portfolio also includes three freehold terminals which do not attract a concession fee structure.

DP World continually invests in terminal infrastructure leading to increased efficiency and profitability within the Group’s terminals. Investment in terminal infrastructure can be advantageous for a country’s Foreign Direct Investment, facilitating trade and influencing domestic production while enhancing community development with the creation of local jobs. With the expansion of existing terminals and a pipeline of new developments, DP World is contributing to economic growth and development around the world.

DP World is committed to working closely with its customers and joint venture partners to deliver quality services today and to plan for the needs of customers tomorrow. Whether it is planning for new developments such as enabling ports to handle the next generation of ultra-large container ships or improving the reliability and efficiency standards to handle more containers safely, DP World is a global business partner.