Our Strategy

Our strategic focus

Southampton (UK) – Photo by Andrew Sassoli Walker

Jebel Ali (UAE)

Mundra (India)

DP World’s vision is to create sustainable value through global growth, service and excellence. This vision is embodied in the Group’s strategic focus which is to deliver sustained long-term value to our shareholders, by providing quality customer service, developing efficient, safe and secure methods of managing world trade and offering rewarding careers to our employees.

The ports industry serves as a vital economic lifeline and gateway to a country by supporting the country’s economic growth, security and prosperity. By efficiently servicing vessels crossing the world’s oceans, ports play a significant role in contributing to a country’s GDP,5 reinforcing trade relationships, supporting economic diversification, building local knowledge and expertise to increase a country’s competitiveness and also generating employment. Container ships transport around 60% of the value of global seaborne trade, more than $4 trillion worth of goods annually.6

Key influences driving the growth of our industry include globalisation, rapidly developing economies, urbanisation, the emergence of mega cities, containerisation, efficiency and changing customer demands. We develop and adapt our strategy to take into account these global trends and their impact on our industry.

We believe our business will continue to deliver long-term value to our shareholders as it offers stable and long-term cash flows, relatively high growth rates, high barriers to entry, a global network which is managed locally, and world class operations and employees.

We recognise health and safety and corporate responsibility as key enablers that guide our activities and they are embedded within our values. We are committed to creating a safe culture throughout our portfolio and we recognise that governments, and the communities that they serve, focus on more than just the movement of cargo.