Annual Report and Accounts 2013

Corporate Responsibility

Our senior management painted a canvas with the team from “Mawaheb from Beautiful People”, an art studio in Dubai for adults with special needs

At DP World, we believe in being a responsible corporate citizen and making a sustainable difference in the communities in which we operate.

Corporate responsibility is good for our people, our customers, our communities and our environment. We recognise that fully integrated corporate responsibility does not happen overnight and it requires change across systems, processes, people and behaviours. Our business involves long-term investments and sustainable development takes time to develop, integrate and build. The aim of our corporate responsibility approach is to integrate responsible business practices into our daily activities to bring about long-term sustained improvements that meet the needs of the communities in which we operate, both today and in the future. We recognise that our global reach brings diversity. Rather than applying a uniform policy across the markets in which we operate, our corporate responsibility effort is based on the four quadrants of community, environment, people & safety and marketplace which are applied to suit the local needs of each community. Having a global plan with local action provides consistency, yet enables each business unit to consider what will provide the greatest benefit relevant to what they do and where they operate.

The Corporate Responsibility Advisory Committee supports the integration of corporate responsibility into our business. The Committee is chaired by the Group CEO, Mohammed Sharaf and met four times during 2013 with key outcomes including:

  • policy development and implementation;
  • introduction of the corporate responsibility scorecard to measure progress at the regional level;
  • embedding corporate responsibility into objectives and personal development plans; and
  • reviewing and setting corporate responsibility budgets.

Corporate responsibility is a strategic pillar of our global strategy, an enabler essential to facilitating the responsible development and sustainable growth of our business. To support the sharing of best practice and the regional integration of our corporate responsibility strategy, 13 corporate responsibility champions were appointed across the regions and they met five times during 2013 via teleconference.

The Board receives a safety and environment report at each Board meeting to monitor the Group’s performance against key performance metrics. Our management also plays a role in leading by example by actively promoting safety onsite to create a safer working environment.

Stakeholder engagement is essential to the successful implementation of our corporate responsibility strategy. Increasingly our business units undertake stakeholder engagement mapping to understand and identify key issues so that we can engage the wider community, especially at our new developments. In 2013, we developed stakeholder mapping tools for the corporate esponsibility champions to use when developing new partnerships in the community.

Staff surveys were widely conducted across our terminals to gain a better understanding of our peoples’ knowledge of our corporate responsibility framework and strategy and to collect their ideas on corporate responsibility initiatives and interest in participating in programmes. The results of the surveys will form the basis for developing the 2014 corporate responsibility business unit and regional action plans. The corporate responsibility champions, in collaboration with regional management, have developed the regional corporate responsibility plans.

Measuring progress

We regularly measure our progress against our corporate responsibility strategy. In 2013, we launched the corporate responsibility scorecard, a tool for our corporate responsibility champions to measure progress in regions and business units against our four quadrant framework. The scorecard was completed twice during 2013 and the results were reported to the Corporate Responsibility Advisory Committee.

We also believe that it is important to measure changes in behaviour and embed such change through individual performance objectives. Significantly, an outcome of the Corporate Responsibility Advisory Committee in 2013 was the decision to incorporate corporate responsibility focused objectives for senior management with ongoing monitoring to be implemented in 2014 to chart progress.


The key to involving and inspiring our people is communication. In 2013, we developed a clear corporate responsibility communications plan with key messages which was distributed to the corporate responsibility champions for inclusion in regional communications. We have refreshed our external website to ensure that external audiences are aware and understand our approach. We also launched an online e-learning module for our people to improve their understanding of what corporate responsibility is and what it means to our Company. In 2014, we will further focus on developing our internal communication tools.