Annual Report and Accounts 2013

Our Strategy in Action Customer

Our customers’ needs are constantly changing. This means we have to anticipate these changing needs and be agile with our response so that we deliver a satisfied and profitable customer experience.

Our new c. $2.3 billion DP World London Gateway port and logistics park project in the UK is a standard bearer of our customer strategic priority. Now open and trading, the terminal is the UK’s first 21st century major deep-sea container port and Europe’s largest logistics park.

Operated by DP World on the north bank of the River Thames, it provides unrivalled shipping access to the largest consumer market in the UK. It will offer cost reductions for businesses that want to ship goods closer to the consumer, rather than having the goods transported further than necessary by trucks. In essence, it is saving British businesses time, money and reducing the CO2 emissions in their supply chains.

Consultation with stakeholders was a key feature of this project. A series of customer visits and receptions throughout the UK and in Asia have all raised the profile of the port and its advantages. Public advocacy programmes reached out to customers such as DB Schenker, Freight Liner, Maersk Line and MOL. Political figures also visited the site, including British Prime Minister David Cameron, as have potential port users; from companies of all shapes and sizes to trade associations. It was also critical for the sustainability of this project that we engaged positively with the surrounding communities. From the beginning, we consulted with the local communities to engage them in the project and receive their feedback.

In line with the port being completed and additional jobs being created, the team continued to engage with local universities and colleges in 2013 to inform young people in the local and wider communities of the exciting and fulfilling careers available at the port and the opportunities more widely available throughout DP World’s global portfolio.

Our stakeholder and customer-focused commitment evidenced by the development and operation of the DP World London Gateway port and logistics park is already delivering results. The port received its first ship in late 2013, the MOL Caledon from South Africa and also announced a c. $300 million deal with Marks and Spencer for a major new distribution centre providing easier access to London and the South East.

Stakeholders and industry experts are already taking notice:

“London Gateway offers the potential for JLR to gain competitive advantage by integrating consolidation and distribution flows through the port. We already import and export a lot of material, and we’re growing, so there will certainly be opportunities.” Andy Gallon, International Manufacturing Development Manager, Jaguar Land Rover.

“Our members feed the nation – including the capital. We see London Gateway as a potential food hub for London, enabling us to deliver on day one for consumption on day two, which would mean extended shelf life for products and supply chain cost savings for our customers.” Chris Sturman, CEO, Food Storage & Distribution Federation.

For stakeholders, the added value of unparalleled tidal access to the UK as well as superior efficiencies is clear. From the moment a ship arrives at the port there will be minimal downtime for a customer’s cargo with the use of innovative operational techniques and technologies built on the backbone of our global, proven and tested operational practice. The DP World London Gateway port will deliver an unprecedented level of automated productivity to the container delivery process, including automated loading of heavy goods vehicles, with traffic flows managed using industry proven vehicle booking systems. Other novel features include an increased tidal window allowing it to stay open even in severe weather.

The DP World London Gateway port (UK) and our flagship Jebel Ali port (UAE) are unique in our portfolio of more than 65 terminals and new developments. They are both purpose built from greenfield sites, both deep water ports able to handle the new generation of ultra-large container vessels, both adjacent to huge logistics parks, and both using the most modern information technology to manage the handling of containers.

Ports take time to build and are a significant investment, planned with long-term horizons. We did not build the DP World London Gateway port and logistics park solely for today or even tomorrow. It has been built for future generations. It will support British trade and the UK economy far into the future, and it will bring jobs to the local and wider community as businesses flourish.

key goals and targets

To continue to be a leader in quality and reliability we will:

  • continually develop and innovate services that offer superior performance for our customers;
  • deliver value for money on time;
  • deliver the right capacity to meet the right demand; and
  • enhance value-adding services both inside and outside the terminal to grow ancillary revenue.

As part of our aim to deliver a satisfied and profitable customer experience we will also develop and grow sustainable, high-value customer relationships and provide access to a global network. Through this focus, we will be known as a trusted brand that can be relied on by our customers to deliver at all of our locations.