Annual Report and Accounts 2013

Our Business Model

DP World Jebel Ali (UAE)

We are a global operator of container and marine terminals. Our aim is to enhance the supply chain efficiency of our customers by effectively handling container, bulk and general cargo across our network.

We continually invest in terminal infrastructure leading to increased efficiency and profitability within the Group’s terminals. With the expansion of existing terminals and a pipeline of new developments, we are contributing to economic growth and development around the world.

We believe our business will continue to deliver long-term value to our shareholders as it offers stable and long-term cash flows, relatively high growth rates, high barriers to entry, a global network which is managed locally, and world class operations and employees.

We recognise good corporate governance and corporate responsibility as key enablers that guide our activities and they are embedded within our values. In addition to the movement of cargo, we work with the governments, and the communities that they serve, in order to make an impact and support the community.

Our people are our most important asset and we are committed to promoting a workplace that encourages continuous learning and growth for all, with a culture where innovation, collaboration and superior performance are a recognised and celebrated part of who we are and what we do.

We are also committed to working closely with our customers and joint venture partners to deliver quality services today and to have innovative solutions for the needs of customers tomorrow. Whether it is planning for new developments such as enabling ports to handle the next generation of ultra-large container vessels or improving the reliability and efficiency standards to handle more containers safely, we are a global business partner.

From a macro global perspective, the ports and greater transportation industry serves as a vital economic lifeline and gateway to a country by supporting economic growth and prosperity. By efficiently servicing vessels crossing the world’s oceans, ports play a significant role in contributing to a country’s GDP, reinforcing trade relationships, supporting economic diversification, building local knowledge and expertise to increase competitiveness and also generating employment. Container vessels transport around 60% of the value of global seaborne trade, more than $5.6 trillion worth of goods annually and around 90% of trade by volume15.

Key influences driving the growth of our industry include globalisation, rapidly developing economies, urbanisation, the emergence of mega cities, containerisation, greater operational efficiency and changing customer demands. We develop and adapt our strategy and our business to take into account these global trends and their impact on our industry.


Mohammed Sharaf Group Chief Executive Officer
15 World Economic Forum – The Global Enabling Trade Report 2012.