Annual Report and Accounts 2013

Our Strategy in Action People and Learning

Training centre at DP World Jebel Ali (UAE)

In a workplace that encourages continuous learning and growth for all, we will create an environment where innovation, collaboration and performance are a recognised and celebrated part of our culture.

Our dynamic and committed team of over 30,000 people are our greatest asset. By investing in and enhancing the skills and knowledge of our people through world class training programmes, we will continue to build an outstanding and high-performing team.

We believe in developing the talent and potential of our people through ongoing training not only at their home terminals but elsewhere in our network. We run cross-training programmes across our global portfolio so individuals have a wide range of experience in different operational environments. For example, team members from DP World Dakar (Senegal) have received training in the UAE and Djibouti, while staff at Embraport our new development in Brazil, have been trained at DP World Callao (Peru).

This reflects our belief in moving staff around our network to gain more experience before they return to their home terminal to apply the skills and share the knowledge that they have acquired internationally. This cross-training enhances our skilled workforce, which in turn optimises our business efficiency for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Abdou Niane Ndiaye is living proof that investment in providing training across our network of marine terminals pays off. Abdou comes from Dakar in Senegal and joined DP World as a gantry crane operator at DP World Dakar in 2008. After attending a training course at the Company’s Jebel Ali terminal, he has moved on to become a fully qualified trainer himself.

Abdou observed that his experience is an example of how the approach to training on the job in different locations gives local employees a broader career path and provides them with the technical know-how to pass on to others in their home country. The investment in people has paid off.

We have a myriad of learning and development initiatives that we use globally. During 2013, we delivered planning terminal operations workshops across our network with state of the art simulation software so participants can understand how vessel, yard and equipment operations can be improved.

Our leadership framework was also further developed using a range of globally recognised academic experts to deliver a multi-lingual leadership learning curriculum aligned with organisational priorities and the needs of employees at different levels, from terminals, regions and head office.

Our iLearn web-based learning management system offers eLearning courses, tutor-led webinar sessions and work-based assignments with greater flexibility and more realistic workplace situations. Collaborative learning is encouraged through the use of iPads to access both generic and bespoke learning material, using social networks and applications to deliver paperless learning experiences and personalised video messaging.

Part of the approach includes our ongoing support for local training activities and the well-established advanced trainer and assessor programme, with expert advice to terminals and port authorities on setting-up operational training centres that feature best practice processes with learning materials offered to the wider port community in the markets in which we operate.

Our people are fundamental to our sustained success. Contributing to their learning and development supports our Company’s superior performance. We will continue to focus on the development of our people and foster a company culture where innovation, collaboration and performance are a celebrated part of who we are and what we do.

key goals and targets

We aspire to be an employer of choice with a competitive reward scheme that recognises outstanding performance, and we aim to maintain employee retention levels that are above the industry norm. We achieve this:

  • through the formal management of an innovative, performance-driven culture;
  • recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce that is able to meet the needs of our business; and
  • succession planning for all critical roles.

By promoting the DP World culture we will:

  • ensure leadership styles are aligned to the DP World leadership pillars;
  • encourage open feedback as part of promoting an open environment that supports innovation and collaboration; and
  • encourage innovation across all aspects of our business.

We will also provide an environment that encourages learning and collaboration to:

  • foster continuous learning, including using technology to support learning across our global portfolio; and
  • promote the sharing of information and statistics to ensure the consistent application of Human Capital policies and procedures globally.