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volunteering event
at English College (Dubai)


DP World’s community investment is focused on supporting areas that are most relevant to our business. These are:

  • education;
  • health;
  • marine conservation; and
  • community development.

We aim to make a sustainable contribution, which means developing alliances with our community partners rather than simple philanthropic donations. One way we achieve this is through volunteering, where our people share their skills and expertise and get involved in hands-on activities. Further information regarding the volunteering work carried out by our people is available on the Sustainability section of our website,

Objective Progress
Further invest in the communities in which we operate based on identified key areas of education, health, marine conservation and community development.

We implemented two new polices, a Contributions Policy and an Expenditure Policy to improve the focus of our community investments. During the year, we took part in more than 300 community initiatives around the world.

We also used our sponsorship of the DP World Golf Championship to raise awareness of male cancers.

Identify and develop appropriate tools to measure social return on investment.
In conjunction with our IT department, we developed an online data collection system, to better record our CR investments. This will assist us with assessing whether we are focusing our efforts on the right issues and identify potential areas to concentrate on in the future. Training has been provided across the Group to enable data to be collected through the year.
Build our volunteering programme across our global network.

We continued to develop our volunteering programme, including developing policies for terminals across the Group.

We also held a Global Volunteer Week, with every terminal holding a volunteering event. The week ran from 1 to 5 December and we aimed to get 500 volunteers involved. 540 employees participated in Global Volunteer Week, contributing 2,338 hours to support 3,113 beneficiaries in the communities in which we operate.

Build capability across our Group to further improve the management of strategic community investment.
We continued to work closely with our network of CR champions to develop their knowledge and build their capabilities.

Our Performance

Key Performance Indicators 2014 2013
Community initiatives across our global network 300+ 230+
Corporate responsibility champions globally 71 13
Hours volunteered for community projects by our Head Office team 516 231

Our Objectives for 2015

Our community objectives for 2015 include:

  • Focus on collecting and reporting the right data, to ensure we can effectively measure and manage our community investments, and inform management decisions.
  • Further build on the success of DP World’s first Global Volunteer Week.
  • Continue to encourage and support our people getting involved in our communities.
  • Continue to develop frameworks and share guidelines across the Group to improve our global CR progress.