Our Opportunities

DP World has a dynamic and committed team of more than 36,000 people. We believe they are our greatest asset and that they differentiate us from our competitors.

We emphasise engagement, ensuring we keep lines of communication open and that we encourage dialogue between individuals and their line managers. This approach gives our people the opportunity to directly engage with DP World. Every two years we carry out an employee engagement survey (MyWorld) and use the valuable data we derive from it to address concerns and show that we are listening. The last engagement survey was in 2013.

Effective leadership is vital. We see our leaders as role models and look to them to display the behaviours we expect throughout the Group. We offer structured leadership development, built around our four strategic leadership pillars – translating strategy, innovation and collaboration, corporate responsibility and leading change. Leadership development programmes are run in partnership with leading business schools.

Our Objectives for 2014
Objectives Progress
Launch our “Women are a Valuable Asset” initiative, supporting our commitment to increasing diversity amongst our team. We conducted focused interviews with female employees across the Group. The results supported the design and delivery of an Executive Diversity & Inclusion development programme and the launch of our DP World Diversity & Inclusion Policy.
Introduce a new talent management system, to streamline the management of our global talent pool. We developed and piloted new talent management processes and procedures, receiving positive feedback across the Group. Following Board approval, this is now being implemented for top management team positions.
Introduce a new state of the art performance management, succession and career planning system. We launched the new Talent Management system, iTalent, during 2014, aligned to the mid-year performance review cycle. At the end of the year, we added learning management to further integrate our systems.
DP World Brisbane (Australia)

Providing people with opportunities to grow is also essential. We invest in their skills and knowledge through a wide range of training programmes, whether at their home terminals, elsewhere in our network or through our iLearn web-based learning management system. This offers e-learning courses, tutor-led webinar sessions and work-based assignments.

Following the introduction of our integrated talent management suite, iTalent, we can track the growth of our employees and they can determine potential career paths and the competencies they will need for future roles. This enables focused and structured development, subject to our business needs.

Our Global Team +36,000
DP World Institute Training Programmes delivered during 2014 117
Increase in participation of e-learning courses 290%
Global investment in the learning and development of our people $13million

Other Initiatives in 2014

Some of our key initiatives during 2014 are described in the Our Strategic Priorities section. In addition to these, during 2014 we:

  • Greatly increased the number of e-learning courses undertaken, with new courses including a revised anti-bribery and corruption course, asset management training, and subjects covering DP World’s corporate strategy and an introduction to corporate responsibility at DP World.
  • Continued our Safe Place to Work initiatives, including ergonomic assessments of workstations, health programmes and first aid training for staff and family members.
  • Signed the CEO Statement of Support for the UN Women Empowerment Principles and sponsored the 16th Women in Leadership Economic Forum. This reflects our commitment to diversity and encouraging women into our industry.
  • Continued to offer opportunities and support for disadvantaged groups considering careers in our industry. For example, DP World London Gateway Port hosted a visit for wounded ex-servicemen where we presented information about our organisation, what we look for in employees and the breadth of work we can offer. This was an important part of their programme of transitioning to civilian life.
  • Held a DP World Alumni meeting in Dubai, which saw former employees come together with senior management, including our Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer. This reflects our belief that our alumni are important ambassadors for DP World.
Our Objectives for 2015

Our people and learning objectives for 2015 include:

  • Further roll out the executive and senior leadership development programme.
  • Introduce a global e-learning module which will include subjects covering leadership, personal skills and safety and will be available in a number of languages to increase participation across the Group.
  • Focus on initiatives such as encouraging and creating workplaces suitable for disabled workers.
HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's visit to DP World Jebel Ali (UAE)

Employee Metrics

The regional spread of our workforce reflects our business focus on growing markets. With 28 operating terminals across our Middle East, Europe & Africa region, compared with 18 in the Asia Pacific & Indian Subcontinent region and 13 in Australia & America, this metric is indicative of the number of terminals we currently have operating across the regions. The shift in percentage against our 2013 figures also reflects the acquisitions made during 2014, particularly in the Middle East, Europe & Africa region.

Region %
Asia Pacific & Indian Subcontinent 30
Australia & America 15
Middle East, Europe & Africa 55

Reflecting the operational nature of our business, a large majority of our workforce is employed in an operational capacity. We manage this workforce by having an appropriate proportion of middle management who support our executive management in achieving our strategic priorities.

Job level %
Executive Management 3
Middle Management 16
Operational and Support Staff 81

We continue to have a well-diversified age profile across our Group. A strong emphasis on succession planning, which is overseen by the Board, reflects the importance of having a sustainable work force with the right people who have the skills to meet our needs today and in the future. A framework of performance management, individual development and succession planning supports our business.

Age of Employee %
Up to 30 years 26
31 years to 50 years 63
51 years and above 11

The development of new business and business expansion continues to be reflected in the increase in our workforce. With 42% of our people being considered new joiners, we ensure that our outlook remains fresh, while retaining 58% of our staff for more than five years ensures we maintain a stable workforce providing operational and functional expertise.

Years of Service %
Between 0 to 5 years 42
Between 6 to 10 years 32
Between 11 to 20 years 19
Above 20 years 7

This graph shows the gender diversity of our people as at 31 December 2014.

Our commitment to diversity was further strengthened in 2014 with the launch of our Diversity & Inclusion Policy which details our approach to diversity and inclusion for employees, contractors, suppliers and consultants globally. We are a global group, and wherever we operate we strive to create an inclusive culture in which diversity is recognised and valued. By bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and giving them the opportunity to contribute their skills, experience and perspectives, we believe that we can deliver the best solutions and sustainable value for DP World and our stakeholders. While we are proud of our achievements in developing a diverse and inclusive team, gender diversity is one area that we will continue to focus on in 2015 and beyond.

Gender Diversity of Our Team %
Male 94
Female 6